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The most discerning global travelers have an eye for premium luxury vacations designed to provide immersive and personalized experiences. Here are five of the top luxury travel trends that are the hottest tickets in the year 2018:

CATCHING SOME ZZZZ’s: A restful indulgence is one of the top travel trends of the year. Listening to consumer demand, hotels have stepped up their sleep game, offering a bevy of services and products designed to provide travelers with the most restful sleep possible. In addition to premium mattresses and bedding, luxury hotels have launched a number of therapies and services designed to assist guests in their quest for the perfect night of sleep.

PERSONALIZED DINING: Customized menus are one of the latest perks offered to travelers willing to spend more for a personalized dining experience. The most premium hotels are looking into ways of providing exclusive dining adventures through the use of highly trained staff, unique locations, local ingredients, and customized menu options designed to satisfy every craving.

LITERARY THEMES: Book lovers will delight in vacations planned around a literary theme. Some of the latest immersive experiences include meet-and-greets with authors, specially-trained literary butlers, and themed hotels. This digital-free trip is the ideal way to relax and unwind from the pressures of today’s fast-paced world.

PERSONALLY CURATED EXPERIENCES: Today’s discerning traveler desires everything about their vacation to be built to their specific tastes. Hotels have responded to this wish by giving travelers the opportunity to work with the concierge staff ahead of the trip to work out every last detail. Designed to meet every personal taste and preference, travelers to these exclusive locales can choose every detail of their guest room right down to the color of the toilet paper.

SELF-DISCOVERY VACATIONS: As travelers increasingly seek ways to unwind from the pressures of everyday life, trips centered around spiritual discovery are becoming more popular and mainstream. Locations infused with spiritual opportunities such as mosques and temples are a hot destination as people look to connect with something greater than themselves. Other indulgent trip excursions that fall under this category of self-exploration include fitness retreats, spa experiences, and more. When it comes to self-discovery, travelers are looking for the most transformative experience possible.