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Shiva Narayan

E World Holdings

Shiva Narayan is the Director of E World Holdings, a property investment firm based in Malaysia. Together, Shiva Narayan and his family have found a great deal of success over the past 3 years.

Shiva Narayan began his educational journey at Mont’ Kiara International School in 2007. After four years, upon graduation in 2012, Shiva went onto study at Monash University Department of Chemical Engineering.

Following school, Shiva Narayan took on a director position at Expandus Resources. While working as Director, Narayan was responsible for sourcing opportunities for Underwriting Projects / En Bloc Purchases with International Developers worth in excess of USD 50M for FY 2014. Shiva provided opportunities to investors through the company’s global associates to position lucrative investment properties for sale. Throughout his time at Expandus Resources, Shiva also aided investors to build their residential and commercial property portfolio in South East Asia. As Director, Narayan too initiative and built relationships with Industry Leaders. In doing so, he was ensured that his clients would have the first pick of premium commercial, residential and specific purpose properties. Shiva was deemed Key Person in helping the company generate a USD 5M turnover in FY 2014.

In 2015, Shiva Narayan left Expandus Resources and found himself as Director of E-World Holdings. Since then, Shiva has successfully aided International Developers to raise funds in excess of USD 12B for construction and realization of their envisioned development projects through a prominent group of bankers on a syndication basis. He has been deemed Key Person in acquisition of mines, quarry allocations and coal concessions in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Laos, and oi and gas in Timor Leste for a group of private investors.

Apart from his career, Shiva Narayan is deeply passionate about traveling. Though he is fortunate enough to experience so much through his career, Shiva often takes time for leisure travel in some of his favorite cities. He is often traveling in the middle east, but is most frequently in Dubai and Venezuela.  Shiva is also a car enthusiast and enjoys attending car shows and collecting one of a kinds.

Today, Shiva Narayan continues to succeed as an Executive Leader and Business Manager responsible for the Team providing independent advice on Global, Commercial, Industrial, Special Purpose and Residential Property at E World Holdings. For more information about Shiva Narayan’s work with E World Holdings, check out his blog!

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